Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to Basics : the key to a wonderful holiday

Good food,  nice people, lovely landscape, intriguing local stories, a degree of conviviality at night :
 Avignon has all of this.
 We can also advise you on special interest trips :
- For instance, for the book enthusiasts :  Second-hand and specialist bookshops, itinerant  book markets and public libraries  (In nearby Carpentras, the Inguimbertian library ( l'Inguimbertine) is not to be missed).
- Side trip to the Alpilles : only 25 km from Avignon, Saint Remy de Provence, where accomodation is expensive and hard to find, is a world in itself, with many museums and art galleries. Walking around the tiny walled-in city is a pleasure - alas shared by throngs of people. Wandering in the contryside around town is a bit disappointing since  the lanes are not interconnected any more ( most of the farms have become multimilllionaire's villas, and the major roads have a bit  too much  traffic). Van Gogh, ex resident of the local psychiatric hospital,  would nowadays   have a though time wandering around.

Anyway,  why do we publish this young donkey as side photography ? Well because we like him ;  he is from around Saint Remy,  and although he does'nt read much, like us he knows his way around.