Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oo eh la theater ? Everywhere in the city !

"Performance can be seen by non francophone spectators" : this mention figures  about every fifth item of the 400 pages-thick Avignon's theater  festival programe. This illustrates a fact : many theater performances are actually dance-drama, circus or music shows and a limited grasp of french is necessary to enjoy them. The street performers are not counted among those, and the clowns, acrobats, dancers who throng the streets are often non-french speaking.
My personal "coup de coeur" goes to an English speaking blonde girl,  ( maybe German ?) an acrobat and mime, last seen performing under southern walls of the Palais des Papes in the tiny square formed by rue Peyrollerie and rue Vice-Legat, close to La Mirande  hotel. A big blonde girl with a ponytail, a demure expression and decidedly retro miniskirts.  She plays a" Do you wanto marry me" number with delighted macho frenchies picked in the crowd. ( I was not selected.)
This year' s Avignon festival seems to be a great success,  frequentation is at a record-high. But most residents are counting days until August.  The city will be at its most enjoyable after this  month-long party is over, and the billboards unfastened. There will still be a lot of shows to pick from, notably a lovely jazz festival, but in a more relaxed atmosphere..