Monday, April 04, 2016

A night in Provence

"One of the best nights I ever had" said one of our guests only last weeks . "This room really has something special."
And this is why we like to share this accomodation, just downstairs from our own flat.  A quiet place surrounded by massive 14th century walls, which pre-date much of the Popes palace,  the room was part of an ancient convent , "l'espitau san Antoni," a place devoted to healing since the Middle Ages.
Nowadays, right in the center of town, it is a perfect place to enjoy Avignon.

Note : We have only recently put the place on the AirBnB website. But we found their reservation and tarif policies a bit, well,  medieval... More than medieval, even. In those times, the share of taxes and tributes to be paid  the Church was more reasonable than the obscure fees levied by the greedy San Francisco's clergy :  For a high season week charged 417 euros to the customer , we would end up getting only 290 euros with air BnB.  This sort of irritates, we'd rather give YOU a discount.Contact us directly:  00 33 6 27 69 18 45 or by mail : fdechambure (removing the -- s !)

For this price, you have not only the room , but a pleasant sitting room facing it, a tiny but separate kitchen, a nice bathroom... a convertible settee  ( two separate beds) allows  accomodation in the flat for up to four people. With your own access to the stairs ( this is a second floor in a building that has only three), you will have both privacy and convenience : we can give you a hand with luggage, parking tips, car and bike rentals, etc