Sunday, June 20, 2010

Avignon : friendliest city for gays in the south of France

Could it be an heritage from Papal times and so-called “tuscan ways”? Or an influence of the masive influx of actors during the festival ? Avignon is a gay friendly city. Even in winter time, is not uncommon to see same-sex kissing or holding hands, but the summer season brings a party mood to the city.Yesterday the second local gay pride parade was a succes, with a street parade of several  truckloads of dancing gentlemens and ladies - not easily distinguishable from each other. The event was sponsored by  local gay businesses: "La Comédie", a restaurant , "La Scène", a restaurant and bar, "L'Opéra", "Le Cid",  famous cafés on the Place de l’Horloge, "l'Esclave" and "La Cage", two night-clubs and "La Station" – an underwear boutique. Avignon is no Mykonos or Sitges, but seems to act  as a magnet for gays from the more conventional cities around (Nîmes, Orange, etc.). It is also a travel destination for gays from the north of Europe. Did we ever mention it is a very romantic city ?