Sunday, May 09, 2010

Avignon : Brand new beds in a gothic home.

There are some brand new beds in the one-bedroom flat available for rent this season. yet something in the adjacent wall  of the master bedroom may surprise you. You will notice the presence of various cabalistic symbols on the stones, called " peiro signado" in  provencal :  forget about Nostradamus and  Da Vinci code, these are the marks of the Companions, or  stone cutters. They were paid by the stone, and so identification of their work was essential. This custom predates the fourteenth century, and the installation of the popes in Avignon. When staying in our city, make sure you  live not only in the inner city walls, but in the ancient  gothic-era center, wonderfully restored. and where you will find all the museums  and action.. (this central area is in  located in a small crcle of streets , on the south the rue des lices, the west rue vernet, the east  rue sain,  and on the north the  Rhone river and the palace of the Popes itself..