Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lady Ashton, EC foreign affairs supremo, to study French near Avignon

Le Figaro " story of the day" is a front page feature in the influential Paris daily.  This morning, Baroness Ashton was quoted as answering to an angry French cabinet minister that yes, she needed to improve her French ; and that she was to spend this summer a week near Avignon in a language school.
The school  she elected  is apparently "Millefeuille", which offers residential French language courses for adults, and an opportunity to "study and practise French 50 hours per week and more…", with a friendly native team of teachers, while staying in the elegant premises of Chateau Correnson. Their website also provides links to a free langage level test, and a basic on-line course in french.
Le Figaro went on to regret that the minister's remark was likely to reinforce  the image of France as an arrogant  country prone to teach unwanted lessons to others. Let's hope the prestigious student will have time to escape to Avignon, and see by herself that nowadays you don't need to be a langage specialist with top diplomatic abilities to fully enjoy a visit in Avignon and Provence. ( photo : the gates of the " Petit palais" in Avignon.)