Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Town's Very Best Butcher

A fixture of any french town : " le meilleur boucher de la ville". Usually, the distinction varies according to taste. The best meat in Avignon is said unanumously to be la Boucherie Saint Didier, an efficient shop rue des trois faucons, 80 meters from home, apparently run by a family of redheads from... Italy. They have excellent beef from the Massif Central mountains, lovely lamb from Sisteron in Provence, and geese from the south-west of France. Add to this great pork, and all sorts of delicatessen, calleloni, pates, paupiettes... .They were named by several guides as the best in town, their customers approve of this distinction, and what's nice is that their prices remain affordable.
PS : I don't get any rebate for writing this, and I am too shy to take photos of people... so for illustrative purposes, I'm afraid you'll have to manage with a scan of the wrapping paper.