Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Furnished flats need... well, furnishings

Shopping in and around Avignon for bric-a-brac and furniture is a great experience. First you must try the antiques shop in the posh city streets like Joseph Vernet or Grande Fusterie ... big bucks, but great stuff for sale and very knowledgeable sellers.

Then you shoudnt miss the "brocantes", weekly events like the pleasant open air markets in Villeneuve les Avignon or Isle sur la Sorgue, (photos) or seasonal ones like the Carpentras " vide grenier" mid-august - very popular events, but prices tending to reach the level of antiques shops! A few sellers remain reasonable . For experts, the "salle des ventes" or auction rooms will be a good source of interesting period funiture ... try the one in Avignon next to the TGV strain station!

Finally, for really good deals, I suggest you try the "depot vente" ( sort of hangar-like places in drab surroundings, like Le Pontet, home to France largest shopping malls. The depot vente are not in these malls , but more often in hangars on the fringe of public housing estates ... this is where you will find real gems among the bric a bras of derelict mass produced junk. You'll return proud of the beautiful chair you bought for 8 euros : it would have cost four time as much in Villeneuve Isle sur la Sorgue or downtown Avignon.
Come to stay by us, and I will gladly show you the way to these places !